Unisa Courses Management

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Unisa Courses Management

Unisa Courses Management

Higher Certificates

  • Higher Certificate in Banking (98225)
  • Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (98237)
  • Higher Certificate in Insurance (90013)
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing (98229)
  • Higher Certificate in Retailing (90014)
  • Higher Certificate in Supervisory Management (90015)
  • Higher Certificate in Tourism Management (98226)


  • Diploma in Administrative Management (98216)
  • Diploma in Explosives Management (98222)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management (98211)
  • Diploma in Local Government Finance (90083)
  • Diploma in Marketing Management (98202)
  • Diploma in Public Administration and Management (98203)
  • Diploma in Safety Management (90107)
  • Diploma in Small Business Management (90073)
  • Diploma in Tourism Management (98223)

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor of Administration (98315 – BAD)
  • Bachelor of Administration in Human Settlements Management (90016 – HSM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (98316 – BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (98314 – GEN)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Informatics (98300 – BIS)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management (98310 – BSM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics (98305 – ECS)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship (90106 – ENT)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management (98306 – FMN)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management (98307 – HRM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (98308 – IOP)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management (98301 – MKT)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Public Procurement Management (98767 – PPM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Quantitative Management Revised Curriculum 2019 (98311 – QMA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain and Operations Management (98766 – SCM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management (98312 – TRT)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Transport and Logistics (98313 – TRL)

Applicants who plan to enrol for classes at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college under the Unisa-TVET agreement may apply via the relevant TVET college or at Unisa via the online or self-help options.

Upload supporting documents

Everyone applying for a new qualification must submit the required documents (all first-time applicants and Unisa students starting a new qualification). The due date for uploading the required documents is the closing date for applications. No documents submitted after the closing date for applications will be accepted.

Unisa does not provide scanners or electronic devices. Please ensure that your documents are scanned and uploaded to an electronic device before starting the application process.

Pay the application fee once you’ve received a student number from Unisa

  • R115 for online applications
  • R170 for hard copy applications (hard copy applications will only be considered in exceptional cases)
  • Use the student number you receive from Unisa AND the application fee reference number (ie STUDENTNUMBER 5370810030)
  • Visit www.unisa.ac.za/paymentinfo for banking details and payment information.

This fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to study through Unisa, do not qualify for admission to Unisa or cannot be offered a space due to limited spaces available. Unisa does not accept cash at any of its offices.

The due date for the application fee is the closing date for the application period. Any application submitted without an application fee paid on time will not be processed. Please ensure that you keep a copy of your proof of payment.

Make sure that your application is complete

If your application for admission to study through Unisa is incomplete, you will have to re-apply during the next application period.

Student enquiries

0800 00 1870

Visit us

Main campus:
Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria

Sunnyside campus (applications, registrations & learning centre):
Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko Streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria

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