Unisa.Ac.Za Registration

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Unisa.Ac.Za Registration

Welcome to Myunisa Login Web

You will need the following to register on the web  >>>>>

  1. Student number;     You must be a returning student or if you are a first-time student (at Unisa), have successfully applied for admission.
  2. E-mail address;    Free e-mail for life is provided by Unisa once you are registered. If you have not yet claimed your account, take some time to Claim UNISA Login.

Please note the following:

  • You will be notified via a letter, e-mail or SMS once your study material has been posted. The message will indicate a track and trace number for the parcel as well as the despatch date.
  • Get an estimate of your study fees before you continue with your application.
  • Need a laptop? You may be eligible to purchase a laptop. Please indicate your interest here.


To register select << GO >>

Undergraduate Registration    <<GO>>
(All undergraduate qualifications including the BTech degree and National Diplomas)
Postgraduate Registration: Honours and Postgraduate diplomas   <<GO>>
Postgraduate Registration: Master’s and Doctoral   << GO>>
Credit card payment    <<GO>>   OR   read the method of payment page    <<GO>>
(A note about the security of online payment to Unisa.)
012 429 3111 (Option 2)

Student Admissions and Registrations

General applications and registration queriesstudy-info@unisa.ac.za012 441 5888
Applicationsapplications@unisa.ac.za012 429 4016
Postgraduate diplomas and Honours degreesartshons@unisa.ac.zasciencehons@unisa.ac.zaeconhons@unisa.ac.zaeduhons@unisa.ac.zalawhons@unisa.ac.za


Master’s and doctoral qualificationsmandd@unisa.ac.za012 441 5702
College of Accounting SciencesUndergraduate: econ@unisa.ac.za

Postgraduate : cashons@unisa.ac.za



012 441 5700012 441 5888
College of Economic and Management ScienceUndergraduate: econ@unisa.ac.za
BTech: econtech@unisa.ac.za
012 441 5700
College of EducationUndergraduate: educare@unisa.ac.za012 441 5583
College of Human SciencesUndergraduate: artes@unisa.ac.za012 441 5701
College of Lawjus@unisa.ac.za012 441 5703
College of Science, Engineering & Technology
College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
Undergraduate: scientia@unisa.ac.za
Tech: scientiat@unisa.ac.za
012 441 5704
Licenseeslicensee@unisa.ac.za012 441 5705
International studentsinternational@unisa.ac.za012 441 5705
Exemptionsadhoccredits@unisa.ac.za012 441 5706
Access and matriculation exemptioname@unisa.ac.za012 441 5457
Re-admissionsstudy-info@unisa.ac.za012 441 5888


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